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Secret Survey

In a highly competitive market, where companies compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key factor of differentiation and became an important element of corporate strategy. Poor customer service affects your bottom line. • Is 6 times more money than costs for acquiring new customers to maintain an existing customer. • To disgruntled customers will say, should be 5 to 7 times more people about their experiences as satisfied customers. • For every customer who complains about a small problem, fifty years are silent. Buyer makes mystery, Inc.? Mystery shopper is to increase sales to support the improvement of the awareness of customer service to help the company. Our services offer an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by customers. We are looking to hire, train and the purchaser to compensate; E-mail, information and preparation; compile and analyze the results. Mystery shopper helps identify which brings to its customers or via. Click here to see the services offered by shopper through our online system. This article should be more citations for verification. Help us to improve this article's citations from reliable sources. Promotional hardware can be challenged and removed. Consumer or mystery shopper mystery shopping or secret is a dog Guard stops search for external markets, or internally by companies to measure the quality of services or regulatory compliance or gather specific information about products and services. The secret of consumer-specific identity and purpose is not generally known by the agreement, which has been evaluated. Specific task mysterious buyer to sign with the purchase of a product, questions, complaints, or specifically, it acts and make detailed reports or comments on their experiences. Mystery shopping had spread since the beginning of the 1940s as a way to measure the health of workers. Mystery tools simple assessments questionnaires used for audio and video recordings from the shopping centre. Mystery shopping can be used in any industry, with the most common places will be shops, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, banks, gas stations and fast food chains, automobile dealers, apartments, gyms and fitness centers. From becoming 2010 Mystery shopping is abundant in the medical tourism industry, healthcare and medical services, use the tool to evaluate and improve the service and customer satisfaction. In the United Kingdom's mystery shopping are increasingly using will give answers to customer services by local authorities and nonprofit organizations like churches and housing associations. If a company hires a company, a mystery shopping service, a survey will be resolved and decided. Defines what information and improve the factors to the extent of the client company. These are developed on maps and geodetic instruments, the buyer with the mystery shopping companies registered are attached, then. Note details and information points shoppers generally included: O purchase procedures are often more stringent instructions transaction abnormal knowledge and skills of employees or some with a particular theme of specific service (called scenarios). Mystery of the client may say, for example, in a restaurant, are lactose intolerant or apparel for the store mystery shopper could ask questions about paper packaging services. Scenarios include a purchase not all mysteries. For buyers in good standing as a regular buyer at the store will take place in the collection of information. You can buy the necessary return, take photos or action secret shopper survey examples or the number of products, places and people during the visit. A timer or a timer may be necessary. After visiting the consumer sends the data collected were the mystery shopping company, had examined and analyzed the final reports of the quantitative or qualitative information, statistical analysis of data from the client company. This allows a comparison on the way to the shops and restaurants on the basis of previously defined criteria. The mystery shopping industry had an estimated value of nearly $ 600 million in the United States in 2004, according to a 2005 report on behalf of the mystery shopping providers Association (MSPA). An average growth of 11 1% between 2003 and 2004 experienced companies involved in the report, compared to an average growth of 12% 2. The report shows 1 more secret of 8 million transactions carried out in 2004. The report is the first industry association is trying to quantify the industry buy a dimension of mystery. Independent mystery shoppers Coalition reports there are mystery shoppers 1 5 million in the United States. Polls are available for the European regions in the mystery shopping remains even more in the business process. Customer/patient satisfaction is often integrated into executive pay as a measure of its importance. A study by an American company revealed that more than 55% of the CEOs compensation risk in 2005, based on patient satisfaction, respondents were hospital increased by 8% to 20%, only a decade ago. . A poll of 2011 by the company American Express has found a clear correlation between a company's customer service and the customer's willingness to pay more for a quality service. Market magazine television CBC news program runs during an episode of January 2001 recommended organizations mysteries a segment on this topic, that his research should be used for incentive programs for employees and this punishment or dismissal are an inappropriate use of mystery shopper. However, stories of employers workers as a result of negative feedback mystery, the dismissal is not unusual. .